Hey there!

I'm Raluca

I’m a life coach and an educator with big dreams.
Obsessed with: desserts, pastries are my favourite; dance, Latino in particular; nature, love the smell and the colours especially during springtime; self-care, mind and body.

I didn’t always...

know what to do with my life
or what my life mission is.

At the age of 23 I lost my father to cancer. I then started to struggle with health anxiety. I felt alone and misunderstood by doctors and by everyone around me. I felt alone. For 7 years I dealt with many catastrophic scenarios where I saw myself dying or being diagnosed with a terminal illness. I was energy drained and the fear consumed by life. I was surviving, not living.

Until something happened and changed the course of my life…

I heard these two quotes "The best things in life happen on the other side of fear" and "If I can control my mind, what need is there to control anything else" and those blew my mind. I went on a quest to learn how to control my mind so I could get back to my true self. The bubbly me. The cheerful me.


I’m probably sipping on rose tea
and looking for ways I can help other heath anxiety fighters find their true self.

Ya wanna know what lights me up? Guiding health anxiety fighters to find inner happiness and pleasure, to trust themselves, to be emotionally brave, and climb that wall on the other side of fear.

My story with

Health Anxiety

After my father passed away in 2013, I stepped into a new self. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was consumed by fear. Every decision that I made was out of fear. I was so afraid of dying and of losing my loved ones. I had lost my true self. In 2019 I hit rock bottom. I knew I needed to change. I saw an add to become a Life Coach (coincidence or faith?) and without hesitation I jumped on it. I wanted to do it for me and to help other closed ones who were struggling with mental health problems. But the Universe had bigger plans for me. It led me down this fulfilling path of serving now others who find themselves consumed by fear.

Photo by: Alessandra Jennifer Ross

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